How can higher education rebuild its overseas educational activities in current global challenges?

Either due to a pandemic or due to economic recession? For many educators and learners it has given a new tasks to explore and reinvent the mode of teaching and learning process. OECS India with its thirty years of expertise in Study Abroad objective has developed a new model as OLO Educate (Overseas Learning Online portal). It is a virtual engagement in counselling and learning for students who might not be able to have access to face to face interaction.Creating a Virtual Mobility in Counselling:  We are constantly seeking out new ways to disseminate knowledge to the peers to achieve their life long goals. The year of 2020 and 2021 onwards for everyone in the market, the new start has to be a productive and demanding one. As the digital technology is moving ahead we decided to fill the gap of learning from offshore learning to online counselling mode.You can log on to the portal and engage in a preparing your overseas education to all known and emerging destinations in the world. This is for all the demanding disciplines that is needed today and for tomorrow in the labour market. You will also get regular updates on the developments in your discipline locally and globally through our OLO Black Board.

For students who are unable to go abroad for higher education will not miss out, as all the programs are through international collaborations. They are Asia, Europe and the West centric that gives a good mix of intercultural learning. Our online courses are very unique. We developed OLO EDUCATE (Overseas Learning Online) to find new opportunities worldwide to master your skills through our international partners. They include Universities and Accredited Training organizations and International Associations in the USA, Europe and South Asia.  We collaborate with industry experts and institutions globally to introduce new courses in inter- disciplinary approach also. Why wait? Start a new journey in your life with a virtual engagement with OLO portal and seek information on courses that the recruiters are demanding at different levels. Our passionate staff will work closely with you and ensure that you achieve your goals through the programs you choose.

 We're committed to our students and observe their progress. Begin today!

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