World Education Services

World Education Services (WES) is a 501(c)3 non-profit social enterprise dedicated to helping international students, immigrants, and refugees achieve their educational and career goals in the U.S. and Canada. WES evaluates international educational qualifications, supports the integration of immigrants into the workforce, and provides philanthropic funding to immigrant-serving organizations. Since 1974, WES has provided credential evaluations to nearly three million individuals from more than 200 countries.
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VETASSESS is Australia’s largest skills assessment provider, authorised by the Australian Government

We are recognised for our expertise in assessments built on over 22 years’ experience in assessing the qualifications and work experience of prospective migrants, and supporting individuals’ applications for employment, course entry and industry membership. We assess 32 trade occupations and more than 350 professional occupations from various industries.
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FAFSA: Eligible universities & colleges in Europe

f you are from the United States and want to get your degree abroad, you may be eligible for financial aid through the FAFSA program. Whether or not you are eligible for funding through FAFSA depends on a variety of factors. One of them is whether the overseas university you want to apply to is recognised by the U.S. Department of Education for the FAFSA scheme.
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