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- since 1991

Proposal to introduce Overseas Learning Online programs in India in cooperation with Universities and Institutions from abroad

India and rest of the world have been strategic partners in sharing knowledge in every discipline. Indian students and professionals have been engaged in cross cultural relationship over the years and have considered US, EU and South Asia as a preferred destinations for education, business and professional engagement.

The recent exodus and economic uncertainties globally has forced a large number of students and working professionals to improve their skills in most economical way. This is in line with current and futuristic demand for the labor force in India. Hence the Indian government, the Universities & Colleges and the enforcement agencies are promoting On-line learning as an alternative to contact learning.

Who We Are

Who We Are

OECS India is an agency that has been offering professional consultancy services to students and professionals from India who wish to seek higher education in the overseas. We are into operation since 1991. We are located in the city of Pune near Mumbai that is the financial capital of India. Pune is known as the ‘Educational Hub’ of India.

Most of the students look for Engineering / IT and Business programs. We have a strong network with academic institutions who are very keen to introduce customized, need based, cost effective short term programs for their undergraduate and graduate students. This can be latter extended to working professionals

Our Mission

The principal mission of Online learning under OLO -Educate is to enhance student access to the academic and professional programs. Of equal importance, your on-line education is intended to help students acquire the technical skills and on-line learning strategies important to the pursuit of their academic and career goals.

By developing and teaching on-line courses, our teaching/ training faculty can also acquire new instructional skills important to their professional growth and development. The Universities and Colleges are committed to providing students and faculty the support and resources they need to succeed as participants in on-line education.

Who We Are
Who We Are

Importance and Goals

Online learning via OLO- Educate will allow students to pursue their degree requirements outside of the traditional classroom setting and can accelerate or enhance their time to degree.

Our online courses are especially important to Graduate students who are working professionals seeking an advanced degree in their fields and to those Undergraduate students who cannot attend on-site classes because of work or family obligations. As stated above in the Mission Statement, an additional and equally important benefit of on-line learning is that it helps students develop the technical skills and on-line learning strategies they need to pursue their future educational and professional goals.

Courses of our interest

In Business


Bio Science

Health care


Medical Imaging & AI

All the courses are from the highly accredited Universities /Institutions from USA/ Europe/ Asia. The certificate courses are for career enhancement and are highly demanded in the labor market both locally and globally.

Operational Mode


OECS is launching our Online-platform under OLO-Educate (Overseas Learning Online) or student learning and would like to promote your products with exclusive rights to us, we will like to engage our services as an exclusive Channel Partner for these programs to begin with. We can run all the above courses on your portal only, but course rgistration will done at our office.

Mission statement


The mission of online OLO Educate…yourself is to enable the students, educators and professionals in India & Asia who have a passion to develop skills that has a local and global acceptance. This can help them to lead and influence the employers and the labour market that is constantly changing. It can help to articulate and work in a diverse community that can enhance their professional engagement.

Message from the Director:

Facilitating student work mobility has become more challenging for higher education institutions. What is the next new career you wish to take? Will your current education or skills offer you a place in the labour market that you dream off?

To enhance your opportunity in this ever changing demand for employable resources we have come out with a unique blend of courses that combines innovative teaching methods aligning professional training with the constant changes happening in the industry.

For you, learning is a lifelong process. From higher secondary education to higher education, our courses and programs will prepare you for the next best employable skills both locally and globally.

OLO EDUCATE with it three decades of expertise has the vision to disrupt the traditional educational structures and bring learning to students, professionals where they can best take advantage of it.

We're constantly seeking out new ways to disseminate knowledge. Our online courses are very unique. We collaborate with industry experts and international Universities and institutions globally to create new course offerings in an inter- disciplinary approach.

Students who are unable to go abroad for higher education will not miss out as all the programs are through international collaborations. They are Asia, Europe and the West centric that gives a good mix of intercultural learning.

Start a new journey in your life with customized Programs that the recruiters are demanding at different levels. Our passionate staff will work closely with you and ensure that you achieve your goals through the programs you choose. We're committed to our students and observe their progress.

At the end of the course you will receive a Certificate of completion with grades and an assessment by the Industry expert who will advise you to choose your professional goal. If you're looking to follow a passion, to define your life, change your life, or enrich your life, your journey begins with us. Join OLO educate and feel the difference!

Prof. Sathyanarayanan