Message from the Director

Welcome to !

Thank you for visiting our website and your interest to pursue higher education in the Overseas

It is certainly a serious thought process as we see it as a long term objective. To plan a study of any discipline requires a strong motivation to take up a career of your choice and excel. The high quality of education you’ll encounter at the Universities in the developed countries is complemented by the advantages of a big city but with a relaxed and civilized pace of life. It is not only for study but a wonderful place for students to live: You’ll also find the people are warm and friendly.

You will always feel well supported at the University – from the moment you arrive, you’ll be welcomed by their staff and student mentors who will help you to quickly settle in to campus life.

The Curriculum is a blend of theory and practical application that allow to students to THINK OUT OF THE BOX. The Programs provides an excellent way to meet fellow international students and also to make friends with many local

students which is a part of international learning. I strongly encourage you to embrace all aspects of internationalization by joining one of the reputed Universities and be a part of the global workforce.

We at OECS are delighted that you have chosen to receive the best of guidance here with us. I am confident that OECS will give you the opportunity to develop the qualities needed to achieve your goals, continue on your chosen career path and go on to make a positive impact on communities around the world.

On behalf of the OECS Team, and our past Alumni and Alumnus around the world we welcome you to our Center. Keep your next appointment with me at the earliest.

“Have a passion for a Vision”

Prof. T.M.Sathyanarayanan